Use WebFez to verify your personal information, payments and Shrine activity.

How to Register for WebFez:

• Go to your browser’s address bar and type in

• Click the register button on the Login page:

• From the Registration page, choose your Temple from the drop-down list and then type in your Member Number and your First and Last names.

• Click on the Register button. You will be directed to the Create a New Account page. On this page enter an E-mail address that you will use to log in with, confirm the E-mail address, and then enter and confirm your Password.

• Scroll down to read the WebFez User Agreement and Privacy policy. Agree by clicking the checkbox.

• After the checkbox is selected, click on Register. This will Register you for WebFez and log you into the system



How to Log in to WebFez:

Important: In order to log in to WebFez, you must first be registered.

You only need to register once.

To log in to WebFez please follow the steps below:

• Go to your browser’s address bar and type in

• Enter your login E-mail address and Password in the designated fields

• Click Log In.